Bloomatini™ Send Flowers with a Twist

For a twist on the expected, send handcrafted paper blooms  to family and friends for any occasion. While Bloomatinis are perfect for celebrating traditional occasions like anniversaries and birthdays, don’t forget to celebrate Bloomatini™ occasions: First dates, bravery, break-ups, bad bosses, new puppies, or even a Martini kind of day. Available in dozens of designs and sent in a French market bucket, the floral arrangement can be upcycled as embellishments on gifts. Our latest Exum Photography blog post celebrates the creative efforts of paper flower entrepreneurs Jen Cilley and Molly Exum who have officially launched Bloomatinis are one part flowers, one part card, and a splash of style. The next time you celebrate an occasion, consider sending flowers with a twist and send a Bloomatini™.  Photography by Steve Exum of