Exum Family Christmas Card

It is with great pride that the Exum family of Elon and staff of Exum Photography release our 2014 Christmas card photo to our friends, family and clients. This card features a classic Christmas scene with our kids discovering Santa Claus (yes, that’s me, Steve) kissing Molly under the mistletoe. After so many years carrying our Christmas card production and Photoshop skills in unusual directions – i.e. the underwater Christmas tree card, the sky diving Christmas and last year’s Christmas Family Vacation inspired electrocution of yours truly, we all felt it was time to get back to something more basic and nostalgic. We hope you find a bit of magic this holiday season and joy, peace and great prosperity in the coming new year. Our blog post prior to this features all of our Christmas cards since 2002. Enjoy!

2014 Christmas Card Story by Molly Exum …

“I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus underneath the mistletoe last night.” When I was a little girl I, like most children, took the words to this song literally and quite frankly, thought it was pretty creepy. I mean, who wants to believe your mom is kissing Santa? Not me. Now, I appreciate the song, or at least my interpretation of it. You see, in my version, mommy and daddy have just hosted a lovely Christmas party where daddy plays the part of Santa for all the children. The women wear gorgeous dresses with ridiculous undergarments like hoop skirts and set their hair in curlers the night before (this is not as easy as it looks–trust me!). The children play nicely, don’t run through the house chasing each other with candy canes, and speak with their inside voices until it’s time for bed. Then, when they’re tucked up in their bedrooms fast asleep, mommy and daddy steal a kiss by the light of the fire and the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree. It’s a magical moment. Thanks to the crew at Exum Photography for bringing this vision to life and capturing this magical moment. And many thanks to Charlie Sellers for allowing us to use his lovely home. We didn’t break anything–promise! Mimi, Alison, Kelsey, and Griffin did a great job styling and lighting the set, Bella and Sawyer had a great time hanging out in PJs and eating cookies (and chasing each other and not using their inside voices), and I got to kiss Santa Claus!

May your holiday season be full of surprises and magical moments!

The Exums: Molly, Steve, Bella, Sawyer and Murphy

Our Team: Steve Exum – Santa Claus, Director • Molly Exum – Mommy, Story Author •Bella Exum – Daughter • Sawyer Exum – Son • Murphy Exum – Dog • Griffin Davis – Photographer, Lighting • Kelsey Morgan – Graphic Designer, Photoshop •Alison Greene – Assistant • Charlie Sellers’ Home – Location