I love working with other artists. It allows our studio to go beyond capturing what we see to create something we only imagined. Shelby Bass is a UNC senior art major and the president of the UNC student art club. She is also an entrepreneur as a freelance graphic designer and is making the world a better designed place one project at a time. Shelby is the talent behind our 13 foot UNC globe chalk art featured in this post.  Exum Photography was commissioned by Allison Reid, the Dean of Communications at  UNC’s law school, to create the cover art for their fall/winter Carolina Law magazine. The cover needed to illustrate the international reach and influence of the law school faculty and students. The overhead concept looking down on mother earth came from Alison. Blending the UNC logo with the globe was a late night brainchild for me. Making it come to life on the bricks outside of UNC’s Hanes Arts Center was all Shelby Bass and a few art school recruits. If you think we shot this image with all 18 students and faculty at once, then the Photoshop work  by Griffin Davis was a success. Actually, each of the subjects was shot separately to improve our chances at getting a great portrait of everyone. Not too mention that trying to schedule around everyone’s busy schedule would have been nearly impossible. After shooting more than 26 faculty and students, 18 people made the cut to fit proportionally around the globe.