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The team at Exum Photography, Steve Exum, Julia Abrams and Kelsey Morgan, employed a new technique today to create motion out of an otherwise static apparel image by combining images into a GIF. Creative lay flat apparel photography is one our commercial photography studio strengths. These colorful button down sport shirts by Southern Tide really are off the cuff!

Check them out:

Bliss Hair Salon



Hair stylist from “Bliss” salon will be styling breast cancer survivor, Gayle Gunn’s hair for a competition among Alamance county hair salons to create the best hairdo for a cancer survivor. The competition is associated with the 2016 Alamance County Pink Ribbon Luncheon. The Pink Ribbon Fund helps women get diagnostic tests, cancer therapy essentials and basic needs during treatment and is sponsored by the Alamance Regional Charitable Foundation. Photography by Seth Combs & Steve Exum of

WANTED! Repeat Offender Steve Exum

Steve Exum was placed behind bars for the crime of Having a Big Heart in March of 2014. Thanks to friends like you, he managed to make bail and was released.

It appears Steve is suspected of Having A Big Heart again and if he does not turn himself in by March 3rd, law enforcement will be forced to lock him up until he can post bail. Currently, Steve is on the lamb avoiding detainment. The Exum Photography team is trying to help. We are calling on all our friends to help post his bail. No donation is too small. PLEASE help!
Kidding aside… Steve Exum is proud to tell you that he is going “behind bars” on March 3rd during the MDA-Lock-Up event in Burlington, North Carolina to help in the fight against muscle disease. Steve is joining other business leaders in Alamance County to help raise critical funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Here are a couple ways you can help Steve:

  • Click here to make a secure, online donation today!
  • Download MDA Lock-Up Mobile app to donate now and keep track of the event.
  • Forward this email to friends and family.


The Exum Christmas Font – 2015 Exum Family Christmas Card

I have to admit, I was not on board with this year’s Christmas card idea when Steve introduced it during what has become our annual Christmas card meeting of the minds at the kitchen island. We came to the island with some pretty good ideas, but wearing tight-fitting clothing and getting in awkward and sometimes impossible positions to spell out Merry Christmas with our bodies just wasn’t at the top of my list. That didn’t discourage Steve. He would tell you that no matter the card idea, there’s always some “resistance” from me, so he was prepared. I will tell you that I like to weigh my options and question every detail. I mean, how many folks do you know who would say, “yes, let’s decorate a tree underwater for this year’s family card!” (like we did in 2009) without asking a few questions first? Besides, the most important part of the whole Christmas card production, like life and being a part of something bigger than yourself, is about working together and listening to one another’s thoughts and ideas even if they’re wildly different from your own. Everyone matters. So, with that said, I was sure I was going to get my way;-) However, I underestimated the power of Steve’s heartfelt enthusiasm. You know exactly what I’m talking about. He’s a force. I mentioned he came to the island prepared. He appealed to my Christmas sentimentalism. “Molly, we’ll wear Christmas pajamas. You know how much you love Christmas pajamas!” It’s true. It’s a tradition in my family to receive Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve that began with mom’s 6 sisters and 3 brothers. They didn’t have much growing up, so new PJs were very special. The tradition continues with their children and grandchildren. So Steve had his hook in me, which just left Bella and Sawyer. I was shocked—it was their 1st choice! After assuring Murphy would be included, they said in unison, “cool.” That was it. And here’s the thing, this idea was meant to be. It’s a departure from what we’ve done in the past. It’s adorable. And now, thanks to the team at Exum Photo, we have our very own Exum Family Christmas font with serifs to boot! Here’s to listening and being open to new ideas in 2016!

Steve Exum – Dashing Dad | Molly Exum – Jolly Mom & Story Teller  | Bella Exum – Bendy Elf | Sawyer Exum – Wondrous Elf
Murphy Exum – The Wet Nosed Rein-Dog  | Kelsey Morgan – Graphic Designer & Creative Director | Seth Combs – Photographer

Beat Cancer

Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Exum Photography. We wanted to share a recent creative effort by one of our favorite clients in honor of giving back. Our friends at Fisher Wealth Management made their annual Thanksgiving donation in support of the fight against breast cancer. Their gesture was immortalized in their annual Thanksgiving card “Beat Cancer” shot by Steve Exum and designed by Kelsey Morgan.  Our hats off to this team for both expertly managing our savings and for their incredibly creative participation and enthusiam behind their own marketing efforts. We love the pink suit!

Behind-the-scenes: The food theme magazine cover shoot

A lot goes in to the making of our magazine covers, and this food photo shoot was no exception. The creative concept and photography were the brainchild of Steve Exum ’92 and his team, with the day-long shoot taking place at his studio in Elon, N.C. Food stylist Elizabeth Hensley was in charge of creating the look for each plate, which represents an individual story in the magazine. Caption by Kim Spurr.

UNC Chalk Art Globe

I love working with other artists. It allows our studio to go beyond capturing what we see to create something we only imagined. Shelby Bass is a UNC senior art major and the president of the UNC student art club. She is also an entrepreneur as a freelance graphic designer and is making the world a better designed place one project at a time. Shelby is the talent behind our 13 foot UNC globe chalk art featured in this post.  Exum Photography was commissioned by Allison Reid, the Dean of Communications at  UNC’s law school, to create the cover art for their fall/winter Carolina Law magazine. The cover needed to illustrate the international reach and influence of the law school faculty and students. The overhead concept looking down on mother earth came from Alison. Blending the UNC logo with the globe was a late night brainchild for me. Making it come to life on the bricks outside of UNC’s Hanes Arts Center was all Shelby Bass and a few art school recruits. If you think we shot this image with all 18 students and faculty at once, then the Photoshop work  by Griffin Davis was a success. Actually, each of the subjects was shot separately to improve our chances at getting a great portrait of everyone. Not too mention that trying to schedule around everyone’s busy schedule would have been nearly impossible. After shooting more than 26 faculty and students, 18 people made the cut to fit proportionally around the globe.