Website Photography - Interiors in Flight

Client Work / Commercial Services

Interiors In Flight provides high quality aircraft interiors, upholstery and refurbishment services.

Steve Exum – Photographer 

Patrick Caroll – Producer

Don Pausback – Creative Director

David Minton for Design Hammer – Web Design Project Manager


Testimonial: From beginning to end, the Exum Photo team was professional, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. Critically, they understood and appreciated our vision for expressing this brand, and exceeded expectations in delivering the goods. I look forward to future opportunities to marshal their talents for the benefit of other brands as well.
– Patrick Caroll



Testimonial: Our concept for the Interiors in Flight website relied extensively on great photography. We wanted to show off the art and science of creating the seats and cabinetry for jets that IIF designs and manufactures. Steve Exum did a full day of pre-production with us to ensure that we would get exquisite photos of the process, the people and the end results. That thorough pre-pro led to an efficient shooting schedule and remarkable pictures, which made our art and science concept come to life.
– Don Pauseback


Testimonial: I’ve known Steve Exum for over twenty-five years, and am always looking out for opportunities to collaborate on projects. As always, he rose to the occasion, creating exceptional images for our client, Interiors in Flight.
– David Minton