Epic Wedding Photo # 5

This shot happened when Jenny married Jason to become Mrs. Jenny Elmore Paxton in Greenville, NC Sept 17, 2010. This was the second of three wonderful Elmore family weddings I documented over an 8 year period. I LOVE the Elmore family and all of their spouses and am grateful to parents Jennifer Elmore and John Elmore who poured unlimited creativity into these weddings making the photo ops beautiful. It helps having a mother who runs Jennifer Elmore Interior Design This era began with the wedding of Hannah Exum Elmore and Jack Elmore in 2008 in Snow Hill ended in June of 2016 when Jenny’s sister Janey Hachmeister married Chase.  Jenny and Jason’s  black tie affair in downtown Greenville was sandwiched in the middle. I like placing my couple’s in a signature spot and backing up a bit to immortalize the day. One of my goals as a wedding photographer is to create a piece of art you would proudly print big and hang on your wall. I alway begin my wedding  coverage by scouting great locations near the ceremony and the reception in search of an epic location. This colorful downtown mural was within a short walking distance and made for a perfect backdrop for Jenny and Jason. Happy New Year to the Elmore, The Paxtons, The Hachmeisters, and the Exums. For more information about our wedding photography contact our studio at http://www.exumphoto.com/wedding-photography/