Epic Wedding Photo # 2

Steve Exum’s #2 epic wedding photograph was also shot just off the Blue Ridge Parkway at Doughton Park near Roaring Gap, North Carolina. This is another shot of Kate Hale and Mike Craft. There were so many great features to this epic location for me as a wedding photographer that Kate, Mike and I could not help but walk all over this mountainous overlook and shoot. Doughton Park has wide open fields and big sky overlooks with 360 degree views in multiple spots. After I made the photo of this couple next to the lonesome tree we made a short walk to look at one of North Carolina’s most incredible vistas. They turned their back to me to take it all in. I paused to take it in too almost forgetting why I was there.  Then … “click” the moment was recorded.  Every time I look at this photograph I’m reminded that when a marriage starts the world is in front of you and an adventurous journey begins. Mountains of joy we will climbed and valleys of despair we will cross. I’m reminded to be kind, to be understanding and to be patient, that I should love deeply and love often because sharing a life together IS the gift of our human experience.  For more information about our wedding photography contact our studio at http://www.exumphoto.com/wedding-photography/

Epic Wedding Photo # 4

This epic wedding photo from an epic wedding celebration story is # 4 in our studio countdown of epic photos by Steve Exum. It features a shot of Shawn Daelemans and Nick Hardy of Tracy’s Landing, Maryland getting married on a North Carolina Beach in October 2016.  Every wedding photographer loves a beach wedding. The landscape is beautiful in every direction and no matter the time of day or even the weather conditions, the beach is always beautiful. Combine a beautiful spot that with a fun loving wedding party and a bride that truly appreciates pushing the creative envelope, you have a formula for an epic wedding. I made this shot of Nick & Shawn kissing under incredible cloud formations at sunset barefoot in the sand. I new this decisive moment would make my top 10 when I pressed the shutter. I’m going to retell their epic story because it began with fireball shots and ended with canon-balls into the pool. So here goes … Nick married Shawn in front of Southern Comfort’s ocean front beach house in Ocean Isle, NC. Shawn and Nick booked their wedding with me months prior and when Shawn shared a collection of Pinterest wedding images that featured jumping groomsman, a bride in tug of war with the groom and many other spicy fun photos, I knew I had a bride with spirit. Shawn warned me to expect a rowdy group of friends, family, and wedding party. My second shooter, Alex Tricoli, and I arrived early to find Nick and his groomsmen doing fireball shots while ironing white shirts, khaki pants, and trying to tie sea green neck ties. Immediately, they tempted Alex with a fireball shot. Maybe rowdy was an understatement. While Alex documented groomsmen antics, I made photos of Shawn and her bridesmaids applying make-up and having their hair styled. Shawn looked stunning with flowers in her long brown hair, styled to one side. Her bridesmaids were equally equally beautiful in their sea green dresses, artfully applied make up by Natalie, and their manicured toes prepared for a barefoot beach ceremony. Our formula for a great wedding celebration was just getting started. Shawn’s dad, Greg Daelemans, walked hand in hand with his daughter under picture perfect skies. Our groom Nick, showing his sensitive side, wiped a couple of tears as Shawn and her dad walked down the sandy aisle to join him. It’s the partiers that are also the most sentimental. After reading personally written vows, trading rings, and sealing the deal with an epically long kiss, Greg Daelemans’ daughter became Nick Hardy’s wife. Now the real party could begin. FYI, a wedding reception without liquor, beer, or wine equals a very short party. This was definitely not the case for Nick and Shawn, thankfully.  I have shot hundreds of weddings and I can tell you the level of passion and energy on their dance floor, with tunes spun by Butch Barnes, fell within my top 10 all time favorite weddings. Even the guests at the rental beach house next door were dancing outside on their deck. The hardcore partying climaxed when father of the groom, Jim Hardy, cannonballed into the pool followed by his sons, Nick and Marshall, and a half a dozen friends. Nick and Shawn danced one last song followed by a wildly popular presentation of photos by Alex and me set to music and projected onto a big screen. The “official” party was over. As Alex and I were packing up gear the bride and groom invited us to stay for a beer and enjoy post wedding “fellowship” until 1 a.m. THAT, my friends, was a recipe for a perfect epic wedding. For more information about our wedding photography contact our studio at http://www.exumphoto.com/wedding-photography/

Epic Wedding Photo #9

This is a countdown of the most epic wedding photos shot by Steve Exum …. me! I’ve been shooting weddings for more than 2 decades and pride myself on telling a great story AND capturing a few timeless images that speak to the institution of marriage as something that has always been and always will be. Most of these images will incorporate elements that are as old as mankind, a couple and a beautiful natural landscape … except for this image. Photo #9 in my countdown features Elizabeth Williams & Stephen Johnson who were married outside at Fearrington Village August 18th, 2012 followed by a reception in the barn. So this man-made landscape is the entrance to that barn. I chose black and white for its classic impact. I asked Stephen to pick up Elizabeth and voila, the decisive moment was captured. For more information about our wedding photography contact our studio at http://www.exumphoto.com/wedding-photography/