Fisher Wealth Managment 2022 Client Birthday Card


Exum Photography and Fisher Wealth Management came together in a match made in pirate heaven, conjuring up a birthday card idea that’s more treasure map than greeting card. Steve Exum and Rick Fisher, the creative captains of this ship, charted a course straight to the heart of art, recruiting Rob Edwards from Prairie Dog Productions to bring their vision to life.  At Fisher Wealth and Exum Photography, we’ve turned the art of birthday card creation into a yearly tradition. It’s our unique way of helping Fisher Wealth tickle their clients’ funny bone and a crafty way to help FWM stay connected to their treasured clientele. 

Edwards created the black-and-white mock-up illustration as the beginning of our treasure seeking trip. The sketch was given a hearty ‘aye-aye’ by Captain Richard Fisher with the addition of pirate-themed gear and props, courtesy of the Fisher Wealth crew. The final touch? Makeup artists Herita Jones and Jennifer McCollom, who proved that a touch of pirate-inspired makeup magic is all it takes to push a photo from ‘argh’ to ‘awesome’. And voila, we present the pièce de résistance, the grand finale – the stunning artwork for the card’s innards!

To understand the how, know that it was our captain of the lens, Steve Exum from Exum Photography, who didn’t just walk the plank, he led the Fisher Wealth crew all the way through pirate shoot. Each buccaneer was snapped in their finest sea roving attire, under lighting that transported everyone right onto the deck of a pirate ship. 

Click here to view a quick behind the scenes short of the photo shoot featuring Logan Sharpe of the Fisher Wealth team


Then, our images were whisked away to a Photoshop treasure island by graphic designer Rodney Hogan for some Photoshop enhancing magic. Next, illustrator Rob Edwards took the helm, skillfully steering these images into an animated pirate boat scene. It was like watching a treasure map come to life. Ahoy matey!

Many thanks to Fisher Wealth Management for being creative mates in this annual endeavor. The team at FWM works to provide the very best investment, retirement, insurance, education and estate planning. Located in Burlington, NC the Fisher Wealth team puts clients interests first and takes a holistic approach to financial planning. With the largest in-house team of independent brokers/dealers, they work to select only the best investments for their clients. 


 Thank you for your continued support and friendship. We hope you enjoy this client spotlight and keep a check on our website and blog in the coming year.

2023 Exum Family Christmas Card

Merry Christmas from Obi & Cooper

How it Came to be that Cooper & Obi are the Stars of the 23rd Annual Exum Family Christmas Card

Long story short, they’re easy & bring our family so much joy! And honestly, that’s what we needed this year— more ease & more joy.

You see, we almost didn’t send out a family card this year. With Bella working in Spain & Sawyer busy in school at NC State, we weren’t sure how, or if, we were going to pull off a Christmas card —not one we could all agree on anyway. It just wasn’t logistically possible unless we photoshopped everyone in, and we ALL agreed we wouldn’t do that again after we had a stand-in model for Bella one year (guess which card?!).

After weeks of going over every idea we could think of, Steve & I came up with what we thought would be a perfect & easy solution-send out a card featuring one of Steve’s fine art photography images. Yes! Well, Bella & Sawyer weren’t ready to give up just yet. They wanted to keep the tradition alive for at least one more year. What?! We didn’t expect that reaction & I’m telling you our hearts grew three sizes that day. Then Bella offered the idea of doing a collage of our past Christmas cards which we all loved! I mean, if this happens to be the last year, a retrospective is, well, beautiful. Steve wanted to add something fun & different, but he also knew he didn’t have time in his schedule to produce a big shoot. I’ve been offering the “ugly Christmas sweater” photo idea for years, but Steve had never bought into it before. Too easy. Too cliche. Then it hit me, the dogs!

Unlike our human children, Cooper & Obi were available. They’re pretty well-trained & will do almost anything for an extra pat or treat. They listen, always agree with us & just want to be near us. Perfect!

We told ourselves we didn’t have time & it would be too difficult, but that’s not the full truth. The truth is we were looking for ease & joy, & thankfully, we found it. May we all continue to seek & find more ease & joy this holiday season.

Merry Christmas from The Exums

Obi & Cooper

Bella, Sawyer, Steve & Molly




Molly Exum – Copy Writer
Steve Exum  – Photographer
Sawyer Exum – Card Star 23 years running
Bella Exum – Card Star 23 years running
Obi Exum – Holiday Sweater Canine #1
Cooper Exum – Holiday Sweater Canine #2
Rodney Hogan – Card Designer


 Thank you for your continued support and friendship. We hope you enjoy the Exum Family Christmas card and keep a check on our website and blog in the coming year.

2022 Exum Family Christmas Card

The Empty Nest

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the Empty Nesters, Molly & Steve, along with Cooper & Obi, Bella who is a 3rd year at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona & Sawyer who just completed a semester studying in Hawaii & will attend NC State in January!

By Molly Exum

Approaching empty nesting was the hard part. The grief & nostalgia for a family lifestyle that was coming to an end broke my heart some days because I loved every single second we shared under the same roof & in the same car & in the same time zone! Then the end actually came and we realized it was really a beginning. Sure, I want to hold my babies again & hear the pitter patter of their feet & pack them up in the car & just have them near me. At the same time, we’re so proud of their independence & sense of adventure. Bella and Sawyer’s stories are just beginning and Steve and I have a front row seat… if only virtual at times.

We’re thankful for each & every day we get to spend with family & friends & we’re especially thankful for time spent with Bella & Sawyer (super thankful for FaceTime too!).

Wishing you and yours a joyful holiday season surrounded by the ones you love!

Molly, Steve, Bella, Sawyer, Cooper & Obi


Bella in Sitges, Spain  


Sawyer in Hawaii 

Molly’s behind the scenes 2022 Christmas card pitch video sent to Bella & Sawyer.

Molly Exum – Copy Writer
Steve Exum  – Photographer
Sawyer Exum – Surfer
Bella Exum – Dancer
Cooper Exum – Beach Bum Pup
Obi Exum – Beach Bum Pup
Rodney Hogan & Rob Edwards – Card Designers 


 Thank you for your continued support and friendship. We hope you enjoy the Exum Family Christmas card and keep a check on our website and blog in the coming year.

Surf, Sand & Southern Tide

Exum Photography was responsible for the off-model photography for a spring mailer. This catalog features multiple spreads with a lifestyle shot of a model next to a studio product-only shot of their clothing professional styled and lit by Exum Photography.  While the models worked on a photo shoot in Bermuda we created our lay flat scenes with Bermuda inspired colors and props. I especially like the shot of bathing suits lying across a borrowed surfboard donated by my friend and Broughton High School 1988 classmate Wes Craft of Custom Craft Surfboards If you are in the market for a custom surfboard reach out to Wes. To see more samples of similar work please check out the Apparel Photography services page.


Take a Break With Johnnie-O

Great product photography of clothing helps sell great clothing brands.  Johnnie-O appreciates the impact of professionally styled lay flat clothing photography alongside inspirational lifestyle shots of models wearing their brand.  Exum Photography was responsible for the off-model and some select on-model photography for Johnnie-O’s latest summer and spring mailers. This catalog features multiple spreads with a studio-product-only shot of their clothing professional styled and lit by Exum Photography, next to a lifestyle shot of a model.  Our studio partners with talented apparel stylists who understand the nuanced skill of styling for lay flat clothing photography. We created our flat lay scenes with bright yet relaxed California-inspired colors and props, designed to complement the models’ photo shoot in California.  One of our favorite shots was when AstroTurf and golf accessories were laid behind the clothes to emulate a putting green! To see more samples of similar work please check out the Apparel Photography services page.


Southern Tide Holiday Catalog

Commercial photography studio Exum Photography partnered with this clothing brand out of South Carolina to produce the studio product photography to create a holiday catalog. The catalog features roughly a dozen spreads with a lifestyle shot of a model next to a studio product-only shot.  Commercial photographer Steve Exum and his team partner with talented apparel stylists who understand the nuanced skill of stying for lay flat and tabletop clothing photography. The studio is located in Elon, North Carolina between Raleigh and Greensboro. To see samples of similar work please check out the Apparel Photography services page.

Exum Photography Client Spotlight: Fisher Wealth Management

Fisher Wealth Management is a Burlington, NC  based financial advisory team lead by Rick Fisher. They manage retirement savings, college savings, investment accounts and more for their clientele. Exum Photography is one their clients and FWM is one of our clients.  The Fisher Wealth team is on the  Exum Photography Christmas card list receiving our zany Exum family Christmas card every holiday season. Years ago, Rick asked if we would create a custom birthday greeting card they could send to Fisher Wealth clients … something fun and memorable like our holiday cards. With that request, an era of creative birthday greeting card photography began. Our first concept entitled “Hope You Have a Blast!” featured their team crowded around a giant birthday cake with a single sizzling stick of dynamite. The card opened and the dynamite candle had exploded spreading cake innards and frosting all over the staff. The cards have become a unique conversation piece that have helped build rapport between the staff and clients at Fisher Wealth. They help keep their referral business strong with a funny and memorable marketing mailer. After the exploding birthday cake, the next year we created a Happy Days cast, followed by the Rat Pack, then a nod to the movie Saturday Night Fever, The Brady Bunch. Our last card just finished its year of circulation is “Born to Be Wild”. Photography by Steve Exum, Card design by Kelsey Flowers, Costume Design by Steve Exum and Kelsey Flowers. Hair and Make-up by Herita Jones and Jennifer McCollom.

Aerial Drone Photography – Ashley Woods Surf Team

At Exum Photography we continue to find subjects that are so much fun to shoot aerial drone photography. This weekend it has been surfing. Sawyer and 4 of his best buddies from our Ashley Woods neighborhood, Joseph, Brooks, Zach & John, spent Labor Day weekend in Holden Beach at the Martin house. The surfing conditions post Harvey Hurricane rain have been pretty good. Flying the drone just above the waves created amazing aerial photographs and video clips that were simply not possible a few years ago. Maximize your screen to watch this fun little aerial movie. You won’t be disappointed. If you’re wondering where Sawyer learn to surf … it was not from me … I’m not a bad windsurfer but when it comes to raw surfing Sawyer has be beat by a mile. I’m better at documenting.