Your wedding story is our passion and capturing it with images so you can relive it again and again is our mission. The two most important qualities your wedding photographer must possess are unquestionable story telling talent and an ability to make his or her subjects comfortable. Based out of Elon, North Carolina between Raleigh and Greenboro, photographer Steve Exum and his team capture a wedding seamlessly blending both. Images produced by Exum Photography are stunning and the team’s demeanor on your day is both warm and engaging. With more than 20 years experience as a visual storyteller, Steve Exum understands that weddings are one of the most joyous occasions the studio documents. “We need to embrace all the joyous occasions we have in life. It’s an honor to tell a wedding story in pictures. Watching people celebrate, laugh and dance brings me as much joy as it does them. My favorite part of a wedding day is watching friends and family react to our signature end of the night video we produce with pictures and music from your day that become a perfecting ending to a day of celebration. We call this your Wedding Day Story. It never fails to bring laughter, giant smiles, and tears of joy.” – Steve Exum

Your Wedding Day Story

Elite Collection

  • Unlimited Wedding day coverage
  • Two Photographers
  • Wedding images on USB drive
  • Engagement session with 8×10 Album
  • Engagement images download
  • Wedding Web Gallery
  • Wedding Day Story on USB drive
  • 11×14 print in 18×24 Ornate Black Frame
  • Wedding Day Story Presentation at Reception
  • Professional Proof Albums with 550-650 4×6 Prints
  • Finished Wedding Album

Prestige Collection

  • Unlimited Wedding day coverage
  • Two Photographers
  • Wedding images on USB drive
  • Engagement session with 8×10 Album
  • Wedding Web Gallery
  • Wedding Day Story on USB drive
  • 11×14 print in 18×24 Plain Black Frame
  • Wedding Day Story Presentation at Reception
  • Professional Proof Albums with 400-450 4×6 Prints

Classic Collection

  • Unlimited Wedding day coverage
  • One Photographer
  • Wedding images on USB drive (300-350)
  • Wedding Web Gallery
  • 11×14 print in 18×24 Plain Black Frame


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Bridal portrait work is one of our favorite subjects. We shoot portraits in studio and on location or both. Our approach them is much like a fashion shoot and it is a great way for you to give your dress a trial run before the wedding day.

Elite Bridal

A comprehensive portrait session shot on location with a variety of looks.

  • We take our time to be creative
  • Scheduled for a full morning or afternoon
  • Photo wrap album with 35 select images and web gallery
  • 20×24 print on Canvas; a 16×20 print; an 11×14 print; an 8×10 print; and two 5×7 natural prints
  • Extensive Photoshop retouching services are included with the 20×24 print, and basic retouching is included with the other prints

 Prestige Bridal

This session covers the needs of most brides.

  • Shot in studio or on location, photographs are made in a variety of looks
  • Plan to spend about 2-3 hours shooting
  • This session includes a photo assistant
  • Photo wrap album with select 25 images and web gallery
  • One 16×20 print on Canvas, one 11×14 print, one 8×10 print and two 5×7 natural prints and basic Photoshop retouching is also included

 Classic Bridal

This is a brief session that occurs in the studio and is usually requested when the focus is on a portrait for a newspaper announcement.

  • Scheduled for 1.5-2 hours with 1-2 poses
  • A web gallery, an 11×14 print, an 8×10 print and two 5×7 print with basic Photoshop retouching



Friend of Bride & Groom

How on earth are you going to choose? Seriously those are the best pictures I have ever seen!!!

Latisha Williams - Mother of the Bride

I want to yell as loud as I can from top of the mountain we just left behind, Exum Photography made our wedding day complete. Steve, Griffin, Marry Alice Thank You for your professionalism, friendship, laughter, and making this day Special... for My daughter and Son-In-Law. You guys did not miss one moment of this day. These pictures are amazing, can't wait to see the rest of them, it can only get better and better. Steve Exum I want to Thank You personally for listening to ever word I had to say about my daughter, you got it, the fun, the laughter, the perfect little silly moments, whimsical. it was all about fun, happiness, laughter, my daughter being a free little spirit wanting everything to be happy. I want to know how many photographers do you know that would wipe the icing off your daughters face, so you can see the beauty underneath the icing. Well I know one Steve Exum. I want to know how many photographers do you know that is going to take there on hankie and wipe the mothers face from sweating before he takes that moment with your daughter. Well I know one Steve Exum. The point being, it is all about the amazing detail that was given to take these pictures. And I say Thank You, Thank You from the bottom of my heart. You have an amazing Talent, I Thank God for giving it to you, so we can enjoy it. Thank You All, I know if I missed a moment you have it in a picture. P.S. Steve Thank You for Giving my Daughter her Barn. Luv U Guys It gets no better Than This.

Jennifer Elmore - Mother of Bride

We are up for air and want to tell you that your work is absolutely amazing... I can't put it into words .... All the effort wouldn't be as assuring if you hadn't captured it.

Jenny Saxton

Steve at Exum was amazing! They did an amazing job. Steve is professional and kind and extremely talented. He is worth every penny. He showed an amazing slide show at our wedding that all our guests are raving about. We can not wait for our final prints.

Kasey & Thomas Porter

Wow. I picked up our final wedding album two days ago but waited (with extreme anticipation) to open until Thomas and I were both together. Almost a week before our one year wedding anniversary, what a wonderful treat. It is simply gorgeous and something we will treasure always. Jenna, you did such a magnificent job and we truly appreciated your note. You were patient and thoughtful with me throughout the process, and we both really appreciate your sincere work with this project. Jenna, the Exum photography team is lucky to have you. Steve, I have known many brides to feel underwhelmed with their wedding photography. I always accepted this because I believed most brides to have the highest expectations for their special day, nearly to a fault. I want you to know that you exceeded our expectations and captured so many great memories of this very special time in our lives. We are so grateful to you and your staff. Our wedding album is just another example of all of the talent and passion you possess. We love our wedding album! Thanks for everything,

Paige James - Mother of the Bride

Dear Steve, When we booked you a year ago for Sarah's wedding, I knew we had found a great professional with artistic attention to detail. Now that we have seen your engagement photo session AND the wedding reception slideshow, my expectations have been satisfied beyond what I had hoped! I guess that means I can't wait to see the rest of the photos from the wedding and I know we will have difficult choices to make from so many great photos! You have a great team and truly have your craft and timing perfected. Thank you for working so thoroughly with us on finalizing the timeline to best suit our wishes. We received many compliments during the evening from the wedding party on how great you were to work with, as most of them had been in many weddings and witnessed various levels of efficiency in the wedding photo process! I have shared your slideshow link with family and friends who are all raving about it! I know we will be in touch once you have wedding photos to view online, but until then please accept our sincere thanks for making our wedding day experience such a pleasant one!

Mary Marr - Mother of the Bride

Dear Steve, Thank you so much for being such an important part of Katherine & Davi's wedding. From the engagement session, to meeting me at Gradnover, to coming by the house, to the bridal pictures at the studio and then our home and finally to the wedding weekend you were so wonderful to work with. Your professionalism, vision, creativity and thoughtfulness make you the best. The video was a spectacular closure to a fabulous weekend. It was truly amazing that there were so many wonderful pictures filled with such love, joy and emotion. Please thank Kelsey and Seth for all their hard work. I have shown so many friends your post on Facebook. It is such a gift to all of us to have such a perfect summary of the weekend. You exposed everyone's thought and feeling about the wedding weekend in such an incredible message that even those that weren't there, feel like they were. Freddy and I were thrilled to have the video to water over and over on Father's Day. We appreciate you going out of your way to drop it off. We look forward to seeing all the pictures. Thank you again for making our weekend, that was filled with so much love and joy, the perfect beginning to Katherine & Davi's life together.

Jenny & Jason Paxton

Steve, Thank you for the incredible job you and Peyton did capturing our wedding from beginning to end. I can't tell you how many compliments we got from family, friends, coworkers, and even acquaintances who just viewed our photos online. Your professionalism, attention to detail and artistic approach never ceases to amaze. I never once worried that you would miss capturing an important moment of our once in a lifetime event. I wish I had a recording of all the compliments we received, but the highest one I can give you, is that you seemed more like a talented member of our family than the photographer. It was such a pleasure working with you and pure fun from the engagement session, to my bridal photos, the rehearsal and dinner, to the wedding and reception. Thank you for sharing your talent with our family!

Friend of Bride & Groom

I saw your wedding pictures online. Amazing - I've never seen wedding photos like those. Very impressive - beautiful - poignant.

Meredith & Andy Roberts

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! I can not say it enough ~ these photos are beyond our expectations!!! Please tell everyone how very happy we are; can't wait to share them with friends and family! Steve, you are AWESOME! Andy and I have been in the process of moving and things have been rough at times, so seeing these photos really helped us remember our special day and how happy we are with each other, even when the chips are down. It was a much needed ray of light in our day! The images you captured will be something we treasure forever!

Kim & Steve

Hi Steve,I just looked at our wedding pictures and WOW! The pictures are fantastic - Steve and I are so happy with the outcome. You were able to capture great memories for us in a way that fits our style perfectly. The cropping, color, lighting, creativity and style are all superb! Thank you for photographing our wedding and sharing in our special day. If you ever need a reference for your work, please let us know. We would be happy to give you a glowing recommendation.


Steve, They are so beautiful! Thank you so much. They pictures on the website really captured the day in such a lovely way. I really appreciate the work that you did - thank you so much. I can't wait to see all of the proofs! I just can't get over how wonderfully they all turned out, esp. since I did not feel like you guys were obtrusive in any way during the event - it was really easy to act naturally and forget there were cameras! 🙂 I love all the candids, esp. of us getting ready. And there are some really nice ones of Jonathan and me that I love. Thank you again for your work - I am so glad you did the photos for our wedding. You are so talented, and such a nice person, too, which is a rare combination! I can't wait to see the books when they are ready.

Shanna & Matt

Dear Steve,Thank you so much for celebrating our wedding with us. Matt and I really enjoyed working with you on our special day. Your flexibility, sense of humor, and professionalism were appreciated by us and our guest. And you wearing the yarmulke was priceless! The photos are gorgeous. Matt and I have already spent several hours going through them. We can't wait to show our family and friends. Please let us know if we can serve as a reference for you, as we would be happy to do so. We wish you all the best. Thank you again for helping us out at the last minute and exceeding all of our expectations.


Steve, Now that we've gotten settled in after the honeymoon, I wanted to write and thank you for our beautiful wedding pictures. The prints are absolutely gorgeous! Your sense of style and keen eye for capturing the moment created an exuberant and artistic record of our most important day. Thank you, too, for the great portraits of the most important people in our lives. I love that everyone looks natural and relaxed, a compliment to your and Jessica's professionalism and friendly nature. I am proud to share your photos with my family and friends, and would recommend your obvious talent to anyone without hesitation. Chris and I enjoyed meeting and working with you both. Thanks again, Steve!

Maggie Melzer Smith

Yay Steve! I love them. I just cry every time I look at them! You did so great, as I had known you would. Thank you so much. I hope you had a good weekend down with my family and friends. We sure enjoyed having you!! Good luck in the future. BTW my friend Amanda said she called you and may be using you in October! She is also very great and wonderful, and I will be excited if I see you there! I can't wait to see the proof album and choose which ones I want in my house - LIFE SIZED - haha.

Maria Karres

Steve, I just wanted to tell you how blown away John and I are by the wedding pictures! They are really spectacular and I've only seen the ones on the website! I can't wait to see the rest of the photos in person. This is everything I ever wanted in my wedding pictures and more! Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience throughout the planning period. It means so much to John and me.- Thanks again for everything! The photos are absolutely perfect and everything I ever wanted in my wedding photography!


Steve, Every time at look at my pictures, I feel as if I'm right there again. You captured so many beautiful memories of everyone at my wedding. No one was left out. I'm glad I listened to your advice and did not do so many of the traditional posed pictures. Having you capture people unknowingly was incredible. The laughter and joy I see on so many of my family and friends' faces is spectacular. I can see where everyone had a good time and was not just being nice, smiling for posed pictures. I love the black and whites. They are so classic and elegant looking. I take my pictures out at least once a month and relive my wedding day. Thank you so much for preserving the feelings I felt that day in photographs. I am grateful.


Steve, Charlie and I are up in the NC mountains enjoying the first few days of married life. We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your presence and work over our wedding weekend. You have an unerring eye for the great shot combined with an unobtrusive manner. Charlie and I said from the beginning that we didn't want to photograph the wedding at the expense of experiencing it. You made it possible to do both in the best way. I predicted before we met you Friday night that by the end of the weekend you would be our new best friend, and indeed, you made it easy to share this time with you. I'm not sure when we'll next need a photographer, but we'll keep in touch!

Sister of Groom

OH MY GOSH THOSE ARE SOOOOOOO GOOD! They seriously look like they came out of a magazine!

Jennifer & Pete Cecconi

Pete and I decided early on that photography was one of the most important aspects of our wedding and we wanted to be sure we picked a fantastic one. Steve, you and Griffin fulfilled our expectation. Your dedication and passion for your jobs are unsurpassable. You are both extremely genuine and really made the day go smoothly; nothing felt cheesy or un-natural. We love your photojournalist approach and the fact that you display a slideshow at the end. We can't wait to get our photos back and we will cherish them forever. Job well done! You come very highly recommended in our book!

Friend of Bride

I am blown over by how amazing the wedding photos are. I'm so speechless.

Kaley Evans

Steve did an amazing job telling the story of our wedding journey. He is very professional, but more importantly, he is relational with his clients. Our engagement session was one of our favorite memories due to the way Steve gave us comfort and laughter behind the camera. Steve also went above and beyond to provide a special memory for me and my mom when he took bridal portraits. For the portraits, Steve took his time and paid close attention to detail to capture wonderful shots. Steve even worked around his schedule to pull off bridal portraits in time due to rainy weather. Last but not least, Steve is an amazing wedding day photographer. My favorite part of Steve's services includes a slideshow that he pulls together the day of the wedding which displays images during the exit of the wedding. I didn't cry a drop since the wedding ceremony began, but I was in a puddle of happy tears once the slideshow began playing at the end of the night. I highly recommend Steve Exum and team for your wedding photography choice!


Your engagement session should be relaxed and fun. It is the perfect time for the photographer to get to know a bride and groom prior to their big day. An engagement session is included with our Elite and Prestige wedding collection options. Below is an option for clients who only want to book an engagement session separate from wedding coverage. We take a creative approach that can take 2 to 3 hours depending on the locations we choose. We always shoot in at least two. Typically we start in an urban location and finish in a rural setting. Please look through some of our feature engagements to see how we approach an engagement shoot.

Elite Engagement Collection

A comprehensive portrait session shot on location with a variety of looks.

2-3 hour session (at least 2 locations)
8×10 session album with 25 edited images and a photo wrap cover
11×14 natural print
8×10 natural print
5×7 natural print
Low-resolution set of 25 edited images for social media sharing and smartphone display