Drug Addiction Does Not Discriminate

Arts and Science Magazine editor Kim Spurr collaborated closely with Steve Exum to brainstorm on creating artwork for a story on drug abuse. The story’s focus was on neuroscience research taking place in the lab of UNC-Chapel Hill psychology professor Regina Carelli. The copy dealt directly with the psychologically addictive properties of drug abuse relative to substances that are physically addictive. Since we there were no drug abuse subjects interviewed for the story Steve created a photo illustration in studio. Steve chose Matt Stephens from Burlington, NC after meeting him in the gym. “With Matt’s bald head, large brow and deeply inset eyes, he’s look was perfect” said Exum. “We added a piece of glass sprinkled with droplets of water to create a rainy day, depressing mood for our main shot. I’m super pleased with the shot and prefer it in black and white.” Exum Said Photography by Steve Exum

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