King’s BBQ

Kings BBQ has a thriving online business that ships BBQ anywhere in the continental United States called Oink Express. Their brick and motor restaurant in Kinston, NC specializes in vinegar flavored Eastern North Carolina style BBQ featuring pulled pork, hushpuppies, ribs, and southern sides like cooked turnip greens, mac n cheese with ham chips. The also have some amazing deserts … spiced apples, pecan pie, and chocolate chip pie to name a few.  Check out and order some BBQ today to be shipped right to your door. Many thanks to my talented food stylist Elizabeth Hensley for her outstanding work and attention to detail. She acquired great props and the perfect ingredients to accent our set. This is our second time shooting recipes for Kings Restaurant. We shot Kings world famous “Pig n a Puppy” recipe featuring pulled BBQ pork in a giant hush puppy sandwich. We made an overhead shot hoping to create a billboard campaign. Kelsey Morgan, our in-house graphic designer, created the bill-board mock-up. I’d stop to try this curiosity if I saw it on roadside billboard … would you? Photography by Steve Exum of