WANTED! Repeat Offender Steve Exum

Steve Exum was placed behind bars for the crime of Having a Big Heart in March of 2014. Thanks to friends like you, he managed to make bail and was released.

It appears Steve is suspected of Having A Big Heart again and if he does not turn himself in by March 3rd, law enforcement will be forced to lock him up until he can post bail. Currently, Steve is on the lamb avoiding detainment. The Exum Photography team is trying to help. We are calling on all our friends to help post his bail. No donation is too small. PLEASE help!
Kidding aside… Steve Exum is proud to tell you that he is going “behind bars” on March 3rd during the MDA-Lock-Up event in Burlington, North Carolina to help in the fight against muscle disease. Steve is joining other business leaders in Alamance County to help raise critical funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Here are a couple ways you can help Steve:

  • Click here to make a secure, online donation today!
  • Download MDA Lock-Up Mobile app to donate now and keep track of the event.
  • Forward this email to friends and family.