Epic Wedding Photo  # 3

This shot takes us to western North Carolina off the Blue Ridge Parkway to Doughton Park near Roaring Gap. Kate Hale and Mike Craft originally from Greensboro, North Carolina became man and wife at one of my top 5 prettiest locations in North Carolina for wedding photography or any photography for that matter. I have since made the two hour drive from Elon to make engagement portraits, family portraits and pictures of my family because I love this area so much.  This mountainous backdrop is where we shot the Exum Family Christmas Card from 2008. It has wide open fields, big sky overlooks with 360 degree views which is rare in NC. Most of the Blue Ridge mountains are covered in trees so the overlooks and views are partially hidden due to the canopy of trees. Doughton Park in contrary has acres of hilly fields, lonesome stand-alone trees surrounded by grassy hills that are green in the summer and covered in broom-straw grass in late fall and winter. Giant rock outcroppings there also make this place an ideal spot for a portrait photographer and a commercial photographer. The long meandering trails, far off views and the protected parkway void of billboards and highway road make this a yoga workout sanctuary. This wedding photo of Mike & Kate in the broom-straw grass next to a lone tree begs to be printed, framed on hung as art work.  Coincidentally. Epic wedding photo # 2 which will post tomorrow also comes from the Wedding of Kate & Mike in September 2006. However, the view is completely different. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s # 2 image. For more information about our wedding photography contact our studio at http://www.exumphoto.com/wedding-photography/