Fisher Wealth Managment 2022 Client Birthday Card


Exum Photography and Fisher Wealth Management came together in a match made in pirate heaven, conjuring up a birthday card idea that’s more treasure map than greeting card. Steve Exum and Rick Fisher, the creative captains of this ship, charted a course straight to the heart of art, recruiting Rob Edwards from Prairie Dog Productions to bring their vision to life.  At Fisher Wealth and Exum Photography, we’ve turned the art of birthday card creation into a yearly tradition. It’s our unique way of helping Fisher Wealth tickle their clients’ funny bone and a crafty way to help FWM stay connected to their treasured clientele. 

Edwards created the black-and-white mock-up illustration as the beginning of our treasure seeking trip. The sketch was given a hearty ‘aye-aye’ by Captain Richard Fisher with the addition of pirate-themed gear and props, courtesy of the Fisher Wealth crew. The final touch? Makeup artists Herita Jones and Jennifer McCollom, who proved that a touch of pirate-inspired makeup magic is all it takes to push a photo from ‘argh’ to ‘awesome’. And voila, we present the pièce de résistance, the grand finale – the stunning artwork for the card’s innards!

To understand the how, know that it was our captain of the lens, Steve Exum from Exum Photography, who didn’t just walk the plank, he led the Fisher Wealth crew all the way through pirate shoot. Each buccaneer was snapped in their finest sea roving attire, under lighting that transported everyone right onto the deck of a pirate ship. 

Click here to view a quick behind the scenes short of the photo shoot featuring Logan Sharpe of the Fisher Wealth team


Then, our images were whisked away to a Photoshop treasure island by graphic designer Rodney Hogan for some Photoshop enhancing magic. Next, illustrator Rob Edwards took the helm, skillfully steering these images into an animated pirate boat scene. It was like watching a treasure map come to life. Ahoy matey!

Many thanks to Fisher Wealth Management for being creative mates in this annual endeavor. The team at FWM works to provide the very best investment, retirement, insurance, education and estate planning. Located in Burlington, NC the Fisher Wealth team puts clients interests first and takes a holistic approach to financial planning. With the largest in-house team of independent brokers/dealers, they work to select only the best investments for their clients. 


 Thank you for your continued support and friendship. We hope you enjoy this client spotlight and keep a check on our website and blog in the coming year.