Born the son of a duck farmer, Brad was raised in northern Indiana. He’s dad spent 10 years as scuba instructor in an earlier life with a love for underwater photography and some of Brad’s most cherished memories are pouring over his dad’s photographs of the great blue sea from around the world. We believe the seeds for a love for photography were planted early in Brad’s life with those underwater scenes.

Brad studied telecommunications at Indiana University and worked at PBS and IU Radio & TV Services as a script writer. After graduation, he moved to Chicago to intern for WGN in the sports department. When the internship ended, Brad ventured to Cincinnati to form his own freelance marketing company and worked with a wide range of clients. As a freelancer, Brad learned the value of listening to someone’s vision and molding it into a reality. Brad’s next gig involved a move to Nashville Tennessee to work as realtor for Keller Williams where he specialized as a buyer’s agent helping 19 families find their perfect home. During his stint as a buyers agent, Brad married his interest in photography with properties on the market and created a real estate photography business. Brad followed his fiancee Sam to NC when she took a graduate degree position at UNC Chapel Hill and he moved that real estate photography endeavor to Durham, North Carolina.

When not shooting properties, Brad works as a free-lance photographer at Exum Photo. Steve is convinced that Brad’s eclectic background makes him a valuable asset to the studio not only as a photography but as a team player, accustomed to wearing many hats with a wide skill set.