Epic Wedding Photo #7

Epic Wedding Photo # 7 – Our 10 day countdown of epic wedding photos shot by Steve Exum celebrates the marriage of Kristin Felts Weldon and Rob Wells on Sept 8, 2007. Their adventuresome wedding story carried our crew down to Charleston, South Carolina where the live oaks are numerous and some are of epic proportions. I love an outside wedding under the shade of an oak. If you want a lot of shade to get married under a giant 1500 year old oak tree. Kristin and Rob became husband and wife under the sprawling giant limbs of the Middleton Place Angel Oak tree on John’s island. This giant tree is dwarfed by Kristin’s giant heart and her solid relationship with Rob. This wedding was the second Felts wedding for me in 2007. Kimberly Felts Castro another beautiful bride with a soul to match married Marcos Castro just 3 months prior that year. Thank you, Felts, Weldon and Castro families for the high honor to shooting 2 amazing weddings that year. For more info about a great wedding venue check out https://www.middletonplace.org. For more information about our wedding photography contact our studio at http://www.exumphoto.com/wedding-photography/